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Exhaust Insulation - Get the Right Stuff!

With virtually everything that you purchase, there are multiple quality and pricing options.  It is the same in the world of exhaust insulation.  How do you know the differences between products so you can make an informed decision that works for both your budget and your expectations? 

There are many considerations that influence the best product for you. 

·        What is your exhaust gas temperature? 

·        Where will the exhaust shield be installed (inside, outside, mobile equipment, etc.)? 

·        What is your desired external temperature on installed exhaust insulation? 

·        Are you concerned about engine fluids leaking on the exhaust?

·        Do personnel work near the engine when it is hot?

·        Are there space constraints where the insulation will be installed?

Our engineering department will gladly assist you with determining the best materials for your project.  Whether you have a new project or are replacing your existing lagging, heat shields or insulation blankets, we at Kalb Corporation will ensure that you have the best insulation solution for your installation.      



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