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HeatBlocker on Landfill Compactor for the Waste Industry

Among the most demanding applications for heavy-duty diesel equipment can be found at municipal landfills, where thousands of tons of solid waste are buried and covered every day. These landfill compactors, graders, bulldozers, and excavators operate within a swirl of highly combustible debris, just waiting to alight on a red-hot exhaust system and cause an engine fire.

Kalb Corporation’s HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation system has been preventing fires on landfill equipment for over 20 years. These custom insulation covers, which feature insulated seams and high-temperature EdgeGuard edge fabric, are attached with stainless steel spring closures to exhaust system components like manifolds, turbos, and exhaust tubing to reduce the heat available for combustion. By limiting the exposure to heat from the exhaust system, engine fires are reduced or eliminated, burn-related personnel safety issues are resolved, deterioration of nearby engine components is halted and required heat for diesel exhaust after treatment is retained. All HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation systems are designed and manufactured to customer specifications and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

The thought of landfill equipment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars going up in flames is not a pretty picture. If you want to eliminate this threat from your refuse disposal operations, contact Kalb Corporation today.

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