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HeatBlocker on Collection Trucks for the Waste Industry

The refuse collection industry—both public and private—has made a concerted effort to develop truck fleets that are not solely powered by diesel. One such alternative fuel that is gaining rapid acceptance is compressed natural gas. Although CNG-powered engines are quieter, cleaner, and less expensive to operate, their exhaust temperatures are higher than diesel-fueled engines, and they can be dangerous unless they are properly managed. Kalb Corporation manufactures HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation systems, which are designed to reduce the likelihood of debris catching fire on CNG refuse collection trucks. In addition, containing the heat on these exhaust systems reduces the amount of heat stress on sensitive engine components that have been installed near the exhaust.

Crews involved in the collection of solid waste already work in one of the most dangerous industries in this country. Their safety can be dramatically improved, however, with the use of HeatBlocker Exhaust Insulation systems. To learn more, contact Kalb Corporation directly.

Truck fires cost the waste industry millions of dollars every year. Many of these fires are a result of debris resting on the hot exhaust system. By insulating the exhaust system with HeatBlocker Performance Exhaust Insulation, the likelihood of engine fires can be greatly reduced. With thousands of hours of effective service on collection trucks, HeatBlocker has proven to be a highly effective solution to the issue. Furthermore, HeatBlocker also protects engine components like wiring harnesses from failure due to heat exposure, increases personnel safety when working on the trucks, and improves driver comfort by keeping the exhaust heat out of the cab.

Insulating your exhaust with HeatBlocker not only improves personnel safety and driver comfort but also keeps your truck on the road working for you.


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